Commercial Cleaning

Total Group provides comprehensive commercial cleaning  to corporates and
A & B grade commercial real estate land lords and property managers. Whether it is the use of Team Cleaning, Zone Cleaning or Day Cleaning, or other cleaning methodologies, Total Group can introduce a programme to your building that is efficient and cost-effective.

People, products, chemicals and equipment for use in a building cleaning programme are available, for the most part, to any company in the industry. Using them in unique combinations is what

sets Total Group apart. The recruiting and training of staff, upward mobility and a supportive work environment make Total Group an employer of choice (our extremely low employee turnover rate of less than 7% relative to an industry average of 35% attests to that).

Expertise in Green Cleaning, chemical and equipment use, and our focus on safety in the workplace make an impact on the working staff, occupants of the building and building owners and managers alike. Total Group cleaned buildings are different – because our approach to the industry is.

Commercial Building Owners
and Property Managers

Whether you’re interested in basic cleaning services, beginning to investigate ‘green’ cleaning practices or earning points toward Green Star or LEED programme certification, Total Group will work with you to customize a support services programme that addresses your specific requirements. Our mutual goal: Satisfied Tenants.

Proficient at servicing multi-tenant and sole tenant office towers, Total Group will deliver support services professionally and expeditiously to help you retain existing tenants and attract new ones. From core commercial cleaning services to sophisticated metal, marble and wood restoration and maintenance services, to window cleaning services and low-moisture carpet cleaning, we customize a delivery system that is efficient and cost-effective.

Corporate Tenants

Total Group offers commercial cleaning and other support service programmes for A and B grade commercial building tenants. If you are a tenant in a building, certain core services for the building may be included as part of your lease and other, more specialized services can be added to your programme. We work closely with tenant representatives to design comprehensive cleaning programmes that reflect your commitment to your space. Services can range from routine cleaning to specialized programs for restrooms and kitchens, handyman services, carpet and hard floor care programs to high-dusting and many others. If your requirements include the care of ornate wood or metal and marble surfaces, Total Group has an in-house team of specialists who can provide appropriate technical expertise.