Delivering Client Value

Narrowing our client focus to CBD office tower landlords and corporates has enabled us to develop and refine our understanding of the needs of our customer base. This has resulted in a tailored service methodology and a differentiated approach to the concept of client value for money.

We see client value for money as a combination of price, quality and service. This is reflected in our investment approach towards our systems, staff training and proactive approach to value add which has oriented us towards driving service delivery and quality rather than simply stripping out cost.

We achieve this by:
  • ensuring we commit the appropriate level of resources to each job;
  • by providing our clients with a transparent pricing structure which enables them to quickly evaluate the dollar impact of potential changes to scope, spec or frequency;
  • a contract structure that enables our clients with activity based work environments to take advantage of the cost savings that can arise from any short-term change in cleaning frequency or staff levels that arise from fluctuating staff levels;
  • proactively identifying, evaluating, communicating and implementing processes to help our clients realise operational efficiencies.