Job Management System

Total Group use Service Cloud to track and monitor our facilities maintenance jobs. The system provides our customers with web based, real time information on site activity, outstanding job requests, start times, finish times, quote information and so on.


Total Group provides full transparency on our invoicing, providing a detailed breakdown by job of hours worked, charge out rates by trade, materials cost and so on.

We provide a schedule of pre-agreed fixed hourly rates for the range of services we provide and a fixed mark up for materials costs.

Our invoicing is designed with transparency, clarity and auditability in mind. This enables our customers to make informed decisions about how they are spending their money and to determine whether or not they are getting value. It also allows our clients to independently determine the cost impact of changes in budgeted hours from adjustments in specifications or scope.

Our financial information systems are flexible and we can adjust the frequency, detail and format of our reports as required to accommodate our customers requirements.