Corporate social responsibility is becoming an integral part of most corporate’s business models, driving them to conduct business in ways that minimise their environmental social and economic impact.

One initiative taking centre stage is the move to day cleaning to drive lower building operation costs, improve response times, increase tenant satisfaction, and reduce environmental footprints.

Total Group have been providing day cleaning for over a decade and understand the process extremely well. Our transition planning is extensive and very well documented. We provide expertise, tools, and the information necessary to communicate the benefits of day cleaning to the buildings stakeholders.

Immediate benefits

A well-managed day-cleaning program can produce energy savings ranging from 4% to 8%. Operational efficiencies and asset preservation, resulting from a reduction of after hours use of HVAC, elevators and other mechanical equipment improve as well with no additional capital investment required on the part of the facility.

Occupant satisfaction

Building occupants see the cleaners perform their tasks and through their interaction gain respect for the jobs they perform. Day time cleaning can also result in a higher quality clean, as a well lit area makes dust, dirt and streaks on windows easier to see and address. In addition to being able to respond to emergencies much quicker, building security is improved as the facility can be shut down earlier.

Substantiating results


Tenants Cleaning Staff Environment
Improved tenant satisfaction Day time work hours Conserves electricity usage
Improved cleaning quality Improved staff safety Reduced CO2 emissions
Improved site security Improved job satisfaction Reduces night time light pollution
Improved response times Improved work/life balance Operational efficiencies