Our Preferred Partners

From the world-class cleaning and maintenance services we are able to bring to our clients, to the innovative solutions we are able to develop by collaborating with industry specialists, to leveraging our national supply chain, Total Group has always recognised the value created through partnership. It is through fostering these partnerships that we are also able to contribute to creating a sustainable future by tackling the broader social, economic and environmental challenges together.

Total Group recognise the complex challenges faced by society in a rapidly developing world. Our business partners bring specific expertise including unique technology, process knowledge and skill sets, which combined with Total Group’s experience and capabilities, help us to deliver innovative long-term solutions to sustainability challenges in our local communities.

Total Group’s preferred partners have been selected on the basis of quality, reliability, ‘best-in-class’ service delivery and a strong focus on health and safety. Current partners are:

Cityside Height Services

Cityside are a 100% NZ owned company established in 2006. They provide a comprehensive range of access solutions including at height building, painting and window cleaning, anchor point certification and water blasting. Total Group partner with Cityside because we believe their staff are the most highly qualified within the industry and because of their unblemished safety record.

Professional Restoration

Professional Restoration was founded in 1999 to service the growing demand for a one-stop-shop for flood restoration and carpet cleaning. They are fully conversant in tackling issues associated with fire and flood damage such as odour, bacteria, mould. They also offer comprehensive pest control solutions and hold an Urban Pest Control License.

Rubbish Direct Ltd

Rubbish Direct are a NZ owned company who in our experience are New Zealand’s most innovative and environmentally sound waste disposal and recycling experts. They provide waste stream sorting and client waste stream reporting as part of their service and all of their staff are direct employees of Rubbish Direct. The company is ISO 14001 accredited and ACC tertiary qualified.

Total Group Partner Programme

Total Group Partner Programme is designed to improve the growth and profitability of our businesses through working closely together. Benefits of the programme include; increased customer acquisition, combined solution selling, collaborative marketing activities, co-operation on provisioning and support, and the reduction of operating costs.

If you would like to become a partner, and would like to talk about making joint proposals, deals for your business, and making referrals, then please email: