Transitioning Accounts

Project management of new contracts is an integral part of our business. Total Group has successfully implemented multiple site cleaning solutions at over 100 customers in New Zealand. In most cases, these have been transitioned directly from our competitors.

The transition plan Total Group puts in place when taking responsibility for cleaning a building is based upon the concept that “upfront effort is rewarded.” Each new contract start up involves the formulation of a scheduled plan of action, agreed with our clients.

Work breakdown packages are allocated to each member of the Project team and formally documented and signed off with completion.

We plan every step of the process in advance, provide the requisite resources to achieve tasks, and keep in daily contact with our clients to ensure a smooth transition. Having significant local resources – both staff and management – has proved to be quite beneficial in cases of unforeseen events or emergencies.

During set-up, all of the company’s operating systems are installed, tested and agreed. On handover, a full operating manual of the contract is prepared and delivered to each site. Reviewing each project once the contract is up and running gives Total Group the opportunity to refine its procedures and improve its delivery of service.