We offer, but are not confined to, the following pricing options.

  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Cost-plus Contract
  • Open Book Contract

In the interests of transparency we provide you or your QS with:

  • Supplier Invoices
  • Site Labour Sheets
  • Weekly Time Sheets
  • Material/Labour Take Off Spread Sheets
  • Variation Breakdown Sheets

Reducing total costs

Your project will be completed to your specifications and within budget. To do this we:

  • Price contract materials in the open market
  • Use existing company assets to maximum advantage on site and redistribute labour throughout the company as needed
  • Subcontract works where subcontractors offer savings
  • Present alternative cost-saving materials for your approval
  • Administer contract matters with up-to-date IT resources

Job Logging

Maintenance Group use Service Cloud to track and monitor our facilities maintenance jobs. The system provides our customers with web based, real time information on site activity, outstanding job requests, start times, finish times, quote information and so on.
Jobs can be logged online, via email or with a call to our helpdesk which is staffed 24/7.

Job Invoicing

Maintenance Group provides full transparency on our invoicing, providing a detailed breakdown by job of hours worked, charge out rates by trade, materials cost and so on.
We provide a schedule of pre-agreed fixed hourly rates for the range of services we provide and a fixed mark up for materials costs.
Our invoicing is designed with transparency, clarity and auditability in mind. This enables our customers to make informed decisions about how they are spending their money and to determine whether or not they are getting value. It also allows our clients to independently determine the cost impact of changes in budgeted hours from adjustments in specifications or scope.

Our financial information systems are flexible and we can adjust the frequency, detail and format of our reports as required to accommodate our customers’ requirements.

Job Management

Our team only use contractors who are “active” in our system. That means that they have complied with every request by Maintenance Group in regard to their trade credentials and insurances. Every work order we send is accompanied by safety documents and instructions that these documents are to be completed before work starts. Every work order has an expected date of completion on it and this date is verbally communicated to the contractor before the job is given. On the date of completion the Maintenance Group team phones the work site to close the job and see if the client’s representative is satisfied with the end product. After the job is completed the contractors invoice is not processed unless accompanied by the completed safety documents. Our contractors know that their safety is of the highest priority to Maintenance Group.