Maintenance Services

The decision to outsource a function is an important one. No matter what services you outsource, the competency of the provider you choose will affect the outcome – and your level of satisfaction. With more than 30 years of experience serving diverse client industries and multiple facility types, Total Group stands ready to deliver facility solutions to meet your requirements – whatever those needs may be and wherever your properties are located. Our employees  are experienced and expert at what we do. We focus on our core businesses so that you can focus on yours. Total Group builds value for our clients by reducing operating costs while keeping their properties safe, clean, comfortable and energy efficient, through individual or integrated solutions.

We can co-ordinate your entire maintenance requirements.


Our emphasis on clear communication and our experienced staff mean we deliver just what you want and need:
  • Drawing up your contract for the appropriate cost, performance and delivery method
  • Complying closely with the contract and performance criteria
  • Communicating with you clearly about any concerns you have
  • Completing your project on time and within budget
We’ll communicate with you face-to-face and by email to make
sure we have a firm grasp of your needs and expectations including:
  • Providing you with a single point of contact
  • Being available and contactable if anything in the contract or project needs to be re-explored
  • Letting you know as soon as possible if corrective action needs to be taken

National network

Total Group provides nationwide maintenance services using a combination of in-house and subcontractor specialists.

Our maintenance services approach is designed to capitalise on our’s ability to provide in-house technicians, management, and proven specialist subcontractor support. We believe this represents the best balance of risk and cost.

Our main maintenance service hubs are located in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

Complementing our own team is a strong nationwide network of preferred subcontractor specialists. All Total Group subcontractors are selected on the basis of quality, reliability,  ‘best-in-class’ service delivery and a focus on health and safety.

Total Group’s policy of using local tradesmen to do work in their local towns is a huge advantage to our clients’, it means that we have developed a positive relationship with thousands of contractors who prioritize work for Maintenance Group clients. The tradesmen not only attend quickly because of their proximity to the site but also work to a high standard because they are working in their town or suburb where their workmanship is on display to rest of their communities.

All staff in the field staff carry with them a photo ID card and site-safe passport, wear company uniforms and drive in company signed vehicles. Total Group sub-contractors carry with them a Total Group photo ID card.