Health and Safety

Safety is a core value at Total Group, representing one of the foundations on which our success has been built and embedded in the culture of our company. It is more than just processes and procedures. It is a mindset which puts our people first and cares for their well-being above all else. Total Group is committed to achieving the highest health, safety and environmental standards across our operations. We are committed to delivering a great service to our customers – but also to do that in a manner 

which safeguards the health and safety of our employees, contractors, client staff and members of the public, while also protecting the environment where it may be affected by our activities. We are continually striving to improve our safety performance and the well-being of our people by investing in systems to ensure all risks are identified, processes put in place to mitigate them and where issues occur, they are reported promptly and corrective actions taken to ensure they don’t happen again.

Our approach to Health, Safety and the Environment is
based on three key principles:


Everything we do in relation to health, safety and the environment is in line with the fundamental beliefs inherent in our vision and values. Our health, safety and environmental goals are centred on continually improving our services and striving to exceed the expectations of our customers. How will we achieve these goals? By following the processes set out in our business management systems which capture our legal and other regulatory requirements.

Achieving an accident-free workplace is a two-way commitment. Our businesses are committed to providing a workplace that is in compliance with all applicable occupational health & safety (OH&S) laws and regulations and in conformance to Total Group’s performance standards. In return, Total Gropu expects individuals to refuse to take any action considered unsafe, confront others acting in an unsafe manner and immediately stop any unsafe actions.

Ensuring a safe work environment also makes good business sense because a strong safety record reduces costs and enhances productivity. When we care for our people, the results have a positive effect on most other aspects of our operations. A good reputation as a safe operator also makes us an employer of choice for current and new employees.


Our Directors are responsible for ensuring that this policy is reviewed annually and implemented correctly. Our divisional managing directors and senior management are responsible for ensuring that we have the organisation and resources in place to help us reach our goals of protecting the environment and reducing our health and safety risks so far as reasonably practicable.


The way in which we will deliver on our commitment to Health, Safety & the Environment is defined and described in our Health, Safety and Environment manual.

Total Group are acutely aware of the importance of your brand and the issues around reputational risk should an accident occur. To address client reputational risk issues, we place an abundance of importance on safety and use only subcontractors who share our obsession with the well-being of their staff. Accordingly, Total Group requires all of our subcontractors to comply with our Health and Safety and Environmental policies and procedures. In addition, all Total Group subcontractors are background checked and security cleared prior to performing any work.

A copy of our health and safety policy is available on request.

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