Health and Safety

Total Group understands that safety is an investment which protects not only our company and our people, but also our clients, their employees, visitors and communities. We are committed to maintaining an impeccable safety record, which is why we strive to provide a safe working environment for all of our employees. At height work always presents safety hazards. Because of this, we ensure that each work site is assembled and managed in a manner that is safe for the crew, customers, and the public.

When it comes to working at height, rope access is recognized as the safest method for project completion due to the high standard of training, regularly inspected equipment, and the reduced number of personnel needed to complete a task. Total Group’s height supervisors make sure to assess each job site thoroughly so they can brief the team on any potential hazards that may be present during the day’s work. This allows our team to identify potential accidents to ensure an injury-free work day.

Our equipment is supplied by industry leaders in safe rope rigging equipment. Each piece is inventoried, logged, and checked for safety and usage limits. All of our ‘at height’ work programmes have been designed in concert with industrial rope access national standards including AS/NZS:4488 Industrial Rope Access Systems (1997) and Best Practice Guidelines for Rope Access in NZ (2012) and all of our height staff are trained and qualified in

  • Industrial rope access
  • Working at heights
  • Hazard identification & control procedures
  • Working in confined spaces
  • First aid

We pride ourselves on our H&S record. Over the last five years, our safety program has resulted in an exemplary track record with zero lost time injuries. Even more importantly, we’re been able to ensure that our employees and clients leave the worksite in the same state they arrived – injury free.

Total Group is continuing to build on its safe work practices by adhering to the following safety action plan: Compliance: Ensuring we all commit to and exceed all relevant laws, regulations and national standards including AS/NZS:4488 Industrial Rope Access Systems (1997) and Best Practice Guidelines for Rope Access in NZ (2012).

Hazard reduction

Work safety begins by at first identifying, then correcting potential hazards in an employee’s environment. Working closely with our clients we conduct onsite risk assessments and develop educational programmes for our employees to learn how to reduce their risk of harm.

Safety leadership

We set ourselves high performance targets and safety is no exception. That’s why each year we set ourselves stringent safety targets and measures for continuous improvement.

Safety partnership

We’re proud to have employees and clients who value workplace safety as highly as we do. With their continued co-operation and support, Total Group is able to deliver safer working environments each and every year.

Qualifications and training

All members of our height team hold National Certificates in Industrial Rope Access and are certified to operate a broad range of height access equipment. We also participate in IRAANZ safety programmes to learn the best practices to help prevent injuries and to ensure that our jobs are completed correctly and to the highest of industry standards. With our advanced safety procedures and the desire to only provide quality, expert service, these certification programmes ensure we get the job done right.