Window cleaning and high dusting

Total Group can clean windows at any height in a safe and cost efficient manner. Our versatile approach towards commercial window cleaning includes the use of Building Management Units (BMU), Swinging Stages and Industrial Rope Access (IRA or abseiling). Total Group can also provide assistance in designing a customised façade cleaning and maintenance scheduled to meet clients’ individual needs.

Total Group currently provides the
following ‘at height’ cleaning services:
  • Window cleaning (high rise,commercial)
  • High pressure and softwash façade cleaning
  • Stain removal (glass concrete, brickwork)
  • High dusting
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • External framework cleaning
  • Pest removal and clean up
  • Stainless steel and aluminium restoration
  • Roof washing and gutter cleaning

Building maintenance and refurbishment

Our rope access building maintenance solutions include:
  • Concrete/crack repairs
  • Silicon and expansion joint repairs
  • Repair of substrate defects
  • Brick pointing
  • Façade painting and rendering
  • Signage repairs and installation
  • Building inspections
  • Bird spike installation
  • Building repairs (carpentry)
  • Make safe works
  • Gutter and roof cleaning
  • Stainless steel cleaning and restoration
  • Hard water stain removal
  • Spider joint re-torking
  • Electrical work
  • Leak detection

Our height team includes builders, painters and electricians who are qualified to perform the services listed above. Additionally, we can provide façade and roof inspection reports to provide decision makers with a detailed evaluation on the state of your building’s exterior and also offer solutions for both minor and major maintenance work that may be required.

Confined space entry solutions

Confined spaces can be extremely dangerous environments and in some cases pose incredibly difficult access issues. Our specialised Confined Space Access Team have the expertise to sufficiently prepare the space for entry, get the job done efficiently and get out safely. All members of the team have been extensively trained in the correct procedures in relation to confined space entry. These skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk assessment procedures for entering the confined space
  • Identifying the potential hazards of individual confined spaces
  • Risk control measures inside the confined space
  • Selection, use, fitting and maintenance of safety equipment
  • Vertical and confined space rescue procedures
  • Emergency response first aid

Our experience working in claustrophobic environments includes:

  • Tanks
  • Pits
  • Ducts
  • Pressure vessels
  • Light wells
  • Roof cavities
  • Underground tunnels


Painting – exterior and facade

The Total Group team has worked on a wide range of at height painting jobs including high-rise facade work, structural steel painting and residential apartment blocks. Through our team of qualified painters we are able to provide you with a comprehensive range of specialised painting services, maintenance painting programmes for any project size and any level of complexity.

Our ‘at height’ painting services include:
  • Maintenance painting programmes tailored specifically to the needs of your property
  • All kinds of interior and exterior painting projects
  • Specialised finishes, “shut down” projects, emergency/out-of-hours work and difficult access projects
  • Specialised surface preparation such as abrasive blasting, high pressure water cleaning and chemical cleaning
  • Application of a range of specialised heavy-duty protective coatings including Sika and Equus
  • Graffiti removal and application of anti – graffiti coating systems
  • Rust removal and spot priming

Sign and billboard installation, maintenance and removal

Total Group is a complete provider of installation, maintenance and repair services for outdoor advertising billboards and building signs. Our rope access technicians are able to reach all areas of your building/structure to organise the installation/removal of large advertising stickers, promotional banners and flyers and are very familiar with ‘sail track’ style banners and posters. We have extensive experience with large and delicate neon signage and corporate logos. We are able to provide all rigging and electrical resources needed to co-ordinate installation or refurbishment of complete signage systems including lighting and power circuits.

Our billboard and sign maintenance solutions include:
  • Frame repair and replacement
  • Skirt and apron installation
  • Painting
  • Anchor point certifications and safety upgrades
  • Lighting repair and upgrade projects
  • Lighting timers and sensors
  • Bird control system installation
  • Electrical repair and trouble shooting
  • Graffiti removal
  • Tree and grounds maintenance

Pressure cleaning

Pressure cleaning or water blasting of inaccessible surfaces can be done via abseiling. We use high pressure clean tap water and no harsh chemicals ensuring the waterways are not polluted. We use sand bags and pumps to direct the waste water straight into the sewer whenever possible. We also have the ability to capture the waste water and remove it from your site to be disposed of in a designated facility should there be any danger of contaminating waterways. Our staff have experience with pressure cleaning and restoration of:

  • Concrete facades
  • Pebblecrete facades
  • Brick facades
  • Sandstone facades
  • Terracota cladding
  • Alpolic panels
  • Natural stone
  • Stainless steel