Vision and Values

Sustainability is fully embedded into Total Group’s business strategy, strengthening the link between our business success and the way we manage non-financial issues.

Our vision and values have helped shape our service delivery model;
this has manifested itself in 5 key areas:

Looking after our clients.

We make sure we have the right operational systems and processes in place to nurture relationships with our clients and to enable our staff to add the most value possible.

Operating contracts smarter.

We are committed to ensuring our people and our suppliers understand the commercial impact of operating as efficiently as possible so we can maximise value for all stakeholders. As part of our procurement strategy, we encourage our suppliers to monitor the sustainability credentials of their own suppliers.

Using fewer natural resources.

We recognise that behavioural change and employee engagement lies at the heart of reducing our impact on the environment and how important this is to both our organisation and that of our external stakeholders. We have committed to reducing and mitigating our impacts where possible. All of our cleaning solutions are green seal certified. They are effective at low dosage and packaged in concentrate form in recycled containers to minimise use and disposal of chemicals and waste.

Nurturing our people’s talents.

We endeavour to have the right talent pipeline to fulfil all the business’ future needs. We operate a comprehensive and proactive human resources strategy with policies and practices to ensure that our employees are treated in a responsible manner; providing an environment and opportunities to help them reach their full potential.

Enabling people to work safe and go home safe.

Ensuring the wellbeing of our people, and by extension, our clients, is safeguarded whilst at work so we can all go home safe at the end of the day. A safe and healthy workforce is of paramount importance to Total Group and is led by our General Manager. We are continually striving to improve our safety performance and the well-being of our people by investing in systems to ensure all risks are identified, processes put in place to mitigate them. Where issues occur, they are reported promptly so corrective actions can be taken to ensure they don’t happen again.